About our Company

Established in 2011, JIGZEN TECHNOLOGIES is a management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company based in the Philippines. Its offerings include Project Management, Enterprise and Applications Development and Consulting, Remote Infrastructure Management, IT Hardware, and Systems Integration.

Jigzen’s technology solutions and services span clients all around the world including countries from Asia and the United States.

By designing, developing, and delivering customized and smart IT solutions, Jigzen Technologies helps in streamlining your IT functions and improving your competitive position in your industry. Our approach in accomplishing these is based on:

  • Gathering data and information from you to determine your specific business needs
  • Analyzing and processing the information we have collected while incorporating our technological expertise
  • Collaborating with you through every aspect of the solutions and services we offer
  • Securing alignment of your business objectives with our support and maintenance services

Why Choose Jigzen

Cost reduction

We are able to provide professional IT services for less capital and operating expense. Our design, development, marketing, and personnel solutions are a viable alternative to buying your own software or hiring your own personnel. This is achieved by applying the latest technology, processes, continuous method improvements, research, and development for your business needs.

Quality of service

Services will be delivered against a formally defined Service Level Agreement that is acceptable and beneficial for both parties. This ensures that a high level of service quality is delivered.

Focus on Core Business

You can leverage our expertise on IT infrastructure, processes, support and technology. This allows you to focus your time and resources on more critical business functions.

Transcend Through Technology

JIGZEN TECHNOLOGIES continues to provide top-notch strategic technology solutions that help reduce your operating costs and fulfill your business needs the right way. By designing, developing, and delivering customized IT solutions, Jigzen Technologies helps in streamlining your IT functions and improving your competitive position in your industry.

Get smarter. Get Discovered. Get More Business.

Our mission is to prioritize your technology needs to help make your business reach new heights through smart technology because your success is our success.

Core Values

Our whole organization strives hard to commit and deliver results based on our customers' requirements. To continuously improve and innovate our solutions and services, we resolutely stand by our fundamental values and this pushes us to make our business and your business maintain a competitive edge in our industries.

Elite Core Values