100 Black Men of Sonomy County Serves The African-American and Broader Community

The Sonoma County Chapter servers the community by offering a wide variety of services, cultural events, education/mentoring, and health & wellness programs.

African-American Cultural Activities & Events

We host a variety of cultural activities, events and other community functions to bring a diverse community together. Because the Black community is difused throughout the County our chapter's activities have been the focal point for major Africian-Americian community events.

Economic Empowerment

The EEP promotes economic empowerment of the African American community through programs that teach: (1) Entrepreneurship, (2) Investing in the stock market, (3) Venture capitalism, (4) Preparing for retirement, (5) Wise use of credit. The EEP provides a forum for chapter members to provide the African-American community better understand of financial empowerment, self-sufficiency, and economic growth.

Health & Wellness

The HWP increases awareness regarding health issues which disproportionately impact African-Americans, other minority community and low-income populations. The HWP increase awareness and expand knowledge among all people within all the communities we serve regarding current research, therapies and practices that have demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of illnesses. We collaborate with other non-profit organizations to promote preventative health strategies, deliver screenings and provide education on prevalent diseases. We are concerned about the well being of the whole community within Sonoma County.

Community Service

Community services activities are sponsored by the Chapter such as the Thanksgiving and Christmas food drives to help feed needy families with complete meals for the holidays. This activity offers families from low-income communities the ability to feed their loved ones. We put together baskets that the members of 100 Black Men of Sonoma County have purchased. These baskets include food are distributed at Community Baptist Church in a community partnership.